tisdag 9 september 2008

Chapter 3 : Mission

OH yes found some more here then talking with some guard ppl they wanna send me on some misson seems very important so i take the mission and start out oh yes are some work but have reached lv 8 and feels ready for some new challanges.

But oh crule world i get in alotta problmes in the towers they are Mean gets Koed alot and feel im stuck, then strucks me hey maybe ill take a chance and ask ls for it never tried that before feel kind worried will anyone replie??? or say any even.

Tell them my ordeal and wow Ryskare and Boka the lv 12 buff warriors gonna come over help ^^ wow these guy kicks the mobs in towers butt heeh and i can do the orbs thingy and get back to windy and before day are over im Rank 2 and made 2 buff friends yay thanks my friend (learns how add some to flist) this are cool and ppl listen and i swear ill help the guys some then i can =)

söndag 7 september 2008

Chapter 2 : Kahali

New day in windurst getting some earnings yay i have some more gils and have some sent from the elvan guy that already got some from 30k wow alotta gils =).

Venture out to make my day in Port Windurst, walks along looking at the stores and the fishermen just a lovley day and i work on some newly quest more rewards and gil i hope ^^

Suddenly someone talks to me its this mithra Kahali are her name and she wanna give me a linkpearl (think i heard some of that) I glady accepts and thank her and she are gonna go but i stop her, lol as fact are no clue what i do with this blueish pearl lol.
Np she say and intruct me how equip it and WOW i get in this place with more ppl OHHHHHH and they greet me after my small hell, seems friendly ^^

Spend much of day walk around do quest and more and mostly listen to them in the shell not really wanna say much feel strange and im just a lv 4 blm they have more lvs than me must been here long time.

There are some tarus Called Dryden and Kwin seems sweet and then the leader that mithra Kahali. what more a Galka named Dagmar och and a Rizz guy hes 55 Drk wow so much also these elvan boys Ryskar and Boka and some more ppl.

I say some cant remember what but not used to all english so i take it easy and listen but i like this "Windurst Star Legion"

torsdag 4 september 2008

Chapter 1 : Windurst

Ill arrive to my new home the town of Windurst the all green town with tarutarus small cute ones lol and alot more mithra just like me =)
Dont even take a step until this mithra try help me or more it seem trick me out some gils lol but i dont have any well some tarus show up and i get some slip for my first gils oh my first earnings.

Get a all nice mog house with my own moggle and all well really nothing more but its mine ^^ and i got a few things to my 50 gil so its a start first days ill spend walking around town and explore and talk to the ppl (npcs) My friends are busy on other things lvling i think but ill take my time get around and get my first quests and also complete some easy tasks and earn some gils. yay

I get told i should start lv oh well sure ill give it a try ill get the signet from the guard as told i should and venture out from the secure town. will i ever get back? I dont have my hp or mp but i manage kill some bees and mandy and wow get lv 2 =) im on my way YAY Me or some lol. ill keep at it and get lv 4 with some small work and think maybe i can get some more spell heard are possible in town so get my tail back (never went very far lol)

As i got alotta things from the things i killed i put them on auction house and rest for the day hope ill make some earnings as gil i need for spells and other things hehe cya tomorrow.

onsdag 3 september 2008


Final Fantasy Chronicles for Darkdawn but first how come i even started the game?

Friends was on me get game start since they got it at the US version relese, but i worked so replied have not time for that and im prolly just gonna get very hooked on it .

Time went they played and i lost my current work so was then then asked again ok let make a try so made a char on there account and tried for some hours and thought was fun. Friends that played then are Spikerot and Ewandir/Tuffsis.
The reminded me our other friend stopped play but still had game and account so phoned him and lol 30 min later i had my own game lol.

Home install game and day after ill make my own chars, and save my friends lv 30 char Gariendil that i never play but he makes a nice mule lol.

Starting by make a Elvaan "WYN" as main and plays it and soon after start Darkdawn as a mule which not will be the destiny for my Mithra char little would i know that at that point tho and there starts the story of my Mithra cat.